True Love is Your Gift

The Blue Lady spoke to me a little while ago with this message, but I didn’t hear it until today.

She told me to give myself the gift of self-love.

We can be our own worst critics.

That little voice in our head shouts sometimes, and it hurts.

It says things to you that are not true.

But you believe them.

It’s harsh and cruel.

It takes the tiniest mistakes and makes them into heinous crimes.

It shows you only the worst aspects of yourself.

It is the worst aspect of yourself.

It’s the darkness, the shadow inside.

But guess what?

That shadow is only there because of what’s behind it.

Do you know what that is?

Yes, you got it – It’s the light.

There can be no darkness without light.

There can be no lies without truth. No hate without love. No fear without courage.

It’s easy to listen to the dark. Its been there for so long, and the voice is so loud.

But what if, it’s just a cover. A cover for the light you have inside. Something so bright it hurts to see, so you stopped looking and listening.

What if, instead of listening to the shadow, and being lost in the dark, you turn and see the light.

The light you were born with and carried all along, hidden behind its own shadow.

The light within that is YOU!

When you recognize that you are the light, the dark becomes less scary, hurtful and critical.

That little voice becomes a whisper, and that whisper fades.

And do you know what replaces it?

You do.

You are the light.

Be the Light.

About the Author

Toni is an artist and illustrator for people who believe in magic.

Through her vibrant and mystical paintings, inspiring blog posts and fun, intuitive art workshops, she’s here to help you create your own fantastical world to explore and share, making every step feel like the adventure of your dreams.

Some of her favourite adventures involve playing pretend with friends in tabletop and online role-playing games, reading books that make her cry and indulging in a lot of chocolate.

The artwork at the top of the page is called Be The Light, part of her inspirational prints series The Blue Lady Speaks.

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