This is What Happens When You Trust Yourself

Here’s the thing…

I’ve known what I want to say here for a while now, but I’ve struggled to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper (well keyboard, but you know what I mean). Just finding the right words seemed out of reach.

And it’s not just that, it’s all the things that seem more important, like cleaning and cooking, and doing almost anything else. Honestly, maybe I didn’t want to do this, cause then I might actually start to succeed in my goal (ok that’s a whole other issue).

Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe I’m just plain scared of putting myself out there.

Maybe I’ll stop waffling and tell you how that’s changed today.

This morning I woke up and did my favourite ritual. It’s the one where I appreciate my bed, and how comfortable I am and my cat (cause he’s adorable) before I open my eyes. It helps me start the day with a smile. I really like that feeling. So now I’ve done my meditation, I’m all coffee’d (that’s a word right?) and I’m sitting down to do some ‘other’ work (I’ll admit it, I was gonna play SimCity…shhh), and I realised the only way to get past this ‘I don’t know what the words are’ was to just start typing.

My beautiful boy, a cat named Saruman.

Here I am. Typing.

And it’s not what I feared. It’s not hard, or stupid, and eventually I’ll get to the point and be able to hit publish on this and feel much better. Cause the hardest bit is over. I started.

Yay me! I didn’t let the procrastination bug get me today!

So, here’s what I really want to say.

If you want to do something, just do it. Yes, spend some time looking for inspiration, find a place to get grounded and hear yourself think, and then just do. The right words will come, the pencil will move across the page and you’ll make something. The first time might not be perfect, but it’ll be yours.

And you know what? The next time will be easier, cause you’ll have stepped over that tiny little bug on the floor called procrastination, and taken action. Don’t let the bug get you like I did.

And this is the bit you need to know.

Trust Yourself.

When you trust yourself stuff like this is no longer hard, or scary, because you know you can do it. Start small, and do one little piece at a time, and it’ll get easier, and have some fun while you’re doing whatever it is. And the more you trust, the easier it’ll be to write, or draw or paint next time. You’ll have proof that you’ve done this before and can do it again.

And again.

Before you know it, you’ll be there, stepping on that procrastination bug, and making your dreams come true.

I’ve got a tool to help you if you want to create with a plan – grab it HERE. I made it for myself when I was struggling to create my art consistently, and it really helped! I’m sure it’ll help you too.

I’ll be here again next week, with something else to say.

I trust myself.

About the Author

Toni is an artist and illustrator for people who believe in magic.

Through her vibrant and mystical paintings, inspiring blog posts and fun, intuitive art workshops, she’s here to help you create your own fantastical world to explore and share, making every step feel like the adventure of your dreams.

Some of her favourite adventures involve playing pretend with friends in tabletop and online role-playing games, reading books that make her cry and indulging in a lot of chocolate.

The artwork at the top of the page is called Trust Yourself, part of her inspirational prints series The Blue Lady Speaks.

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