Kindness and the Hope of Light

Kindness is a choice.

These days are wild and seem dark.

There is fear in the air, and the values of kindness and sharing and social responsibility seem to have been overtaken by panic and isolation and lack.

Shoppers rush around, searching for the last items on the list, and leave with frowns when they just aren’t there.

We are all worried that we’ll get sick and won’t be able to leave the house. Or worse, that the government will close the whole country and for some reason, we feel we won’t be able to cope without the daily shopping fix, or cupboards full of food we don’t need.

The shelves are bare at my local shops, there’s no toilet paper or tissues, and all the staples are missing as people prepare for the worst.

I find myself in a daze and wondering what the worst could be.

I wonder if it’s the fear of death driving us to these extremes, or the desire to survive? Is our only way to survive at the expense of others in the face of the forces of nature?

Have we reached the end of the Earth’s patience with the experiment called Humans, as she seeks to remove us from her breast?

Will this, at last change our society to one where we care for each other; where we treat others and ourselves with kindness, and take responsibility for our actions towards other people and our home Mother Earth?

I ask if we can rise to the occasion, instead of sinking to the lowest common denominator?

I hope so.

I watched the joyful celebration of music and community spirit filmed in Italy, as the people deal gracefully with a period of enforced isolation. They still come together and celebrate life with happiness, no matter what the circumstances. I’ve read stories of people offering to help their elderly neighbors, to ensure they have everything they need, and others offering their surplus to those less fortunate.

There is hope.

I know we can find a way to be the shining spirits we are.

And remember to be kind.

About the Author

Toni is an artist and illustrator for people who believe in magic.

Through her vibrant and mystical paintings, inspiring blog posts and fun, intuitive art workshops, she’s here to help you create your own fantastical world to explore and share, making every step feel like the adventure of your dreams.

Some of her favourite adventures involve playing pretend with friends in tabletop and online role-playing games, reading books that make her cry and indulging in a lot of chocolate.

The artwork at the top of the page is called Release Your Fears, part of her inspirational prints series The Blue Lady Speaks.

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