How to Find Inspiration and Be More Creative

Even If You Think You're Not!

If you're anything like me, you love to create.

Maybe, you’re an illustrator like I am, or an aspiring author, or a musician. Whatever creative field you’re part of (maybe all of them), you know what it’s like to feel stuck.

We all go through it. Feeling like you are doing, but not getting anywhere.

Knowing your calling is to be a creative, but instead spending time doing anything but that!

A couple of years ago, tired of my lack of progress as an artist, I challenged myself to create a piece of art every day. My constant complaint to my friends and family was that I just had no time to create, and how could I be any better if I didn’t make stuff? This was what I said, but what was really happening was that I was afraid of just letting go and creating. The creation process, instead of being my outlet like it had been for so long had become something I was afraid of, and that fear paralyzed me into inaction.
I would take out my sketchbook and start something, but never…finish. I would play and practice but never really finish anything. I just couldn’t seem to reach the same safe and satisfying place with my art that I had before I decided to make it my job.

I needed something to get those creative juices flowing again, to feel the pleasure of making, and the satisfaction of finishing.

Sounding familiar so far?

I did what I think a lot of us do at that point… I complained. But what one friend heard was my cry for help. And without hesitation, she offered the solution to my problem.

It still took my decision to change my circumstances, but with a little kindness, I took a leap of faith and started making again. ​I decided to make time for what I loved to do. I made time for what I knew would enrich my own life and make me a better artist. 

Ultimately, I had to put my life and priorities into perspective.

And you know what? I did it, and it felt great!
I felt like me again, the me that remembered how to smile, and would talk about my art without mumbling.

I honestly felt good.

You have to realize, I didn’t do anything alone here. I had a community and support, and more importantly a plan. A strategy to help me get there.

It worked so well for me (I still take up the challenge when I need to), I decided it had to be shared.

I know I’m not alone in having this experience. I know you are here, looking for a way to find the inspiration and motivation to do the thing you love.

And that’s probably why you’re still here.

You’ve felt this exact thing.

Fear. Overwhelm. Failure, leading to bouts of procrastination and inability to start or finish.

But you’re looking for a solution, and a community to support you. You want to expand yourself, and feel the satisfaction of your own daily creative habit, and how that changes the way you look at yourself and everything around you.

Be brave.

Your job here is to make the decision to do something different. To let go of fear, and become inspired.

To allow yourself to be the creative you are.

I’ve crafted a quick and easy way for you to create your own plan.

Before you talk yourself out of it, do it! Click the pretty purple button, and write down what you are going to do to change your procrastination into action.

Hold yourself accountable and hang your plan on the wall.

Join a daily or weekly art group to share your journey, find the support you need to get to where you want to be.

And, don’t forget to have fun!

Grab your free worksheet and follow the 8-Steps to Creating More Art now.